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– Because the nematodes are transparent, researchers can also directly monitor chemicals effects on the worms’ development of internal organs.. Freedman provides several advantages to researchers nematodes instead of the rats and mice that now with the laboratory standards for such work, especially during the initial phase of expensive, typically large-scale screening. For example, it takes only 3 days until the nematode to develop from egg to adult Since each adult worm is only 1 mm in length, can be serviced and tested in a large number of small rooms.

Freedman laboratory is also equipped to evaluate the activity of individual genes more directly. ‘We will look for causes changes in the expression of each gene in the animal of a particular chemical,’he said. ‘We need to come up with microarray fingerprints for each of the toxins. ‘Whole flasks of worms can be grown and dosed with chemicals before the messenger RNA extracted from the cells.The joint program support efforts to that ecological and organic mechanisms of, understand the relations between the human-induced environment and of creation and transmitting infectious diseases to govern.

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