Ety Of Hospital Medicine recognizes Eric Howell check information here.

2009,ety Of Hospital Medicine recognizes Eric Howell, PRT with excellence in Teaching Award, USAThe Society of Hospital Medicine announced that Eric Howell, FHM, the recipient of the Society Excellence in Teaching Award Howell the year 2009 check information here more info . Howell will be presented with this award at Hospital Medicine 2009, SHM annual meeting held at May 14 to 17 in Chicago, IL will be. Howell currently serves as a Director of the Hospitalist Division and Director of Hospital Care for Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, and is the faculty leader for the Helen B. Taussig School at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. As faculty leader, Dr. Howell mentors involved 120 medical students and directly with the school fundraising efforts for charity and the development of the school mentoring program.

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