About Aldagen.

The company’s proprietary products identify and isolate potent, highly effective. Adult stem and progenitor cells, which are administered quickly to regenerate or repair tissue The company main product ALDESORT, at the at the Texas Heart Institute and Duke University in three clinical trials for ischemic heart failure, critical limb ischemia and cord blood transplantation. To learn more about Aldagen products for preparing optimal cell populations for adult stem cell and progenitor cell therapy study, the company invites you to their website at..

About Innovative Micro TechnologyIMT was formed in 2000, specifically to MEMS MEMS devices IMT main goal is to partner with companies to develop products based on MEMS technology Its 130,000 square feet. System contains a 30,000 sqm clean room / fab, the largest and best-equipped independent MEMS fab in the world. The company was built for high-volume production, and offers full MEMS foundry and contract manufacturing services from planning to production. IMT currently u003e 150 employees and u003e 20 customers in diverse applications, including drug discovery, drug delivery, biomedical implants and cell cleaner, microfluidics, inertial navigation, various sensors, night vision, IR emitters, telephone / DSL switching, RF devices, power management, and some others.A class of inhibitors of the NMDA receptor under by the generic name Memantine has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for application in moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease. Memantine is a non – specific inhibitor of the NMDA receptor and does not constitute nor a cure agent, the progress of the illness can be stopped. The looking is in full swing. For switch the shut down the NMDA receptor are far more specificity of The CSHL work the team relates to directly to this effort.