Along with the latest treatment CINJ pediatric cancer patients have access to unique services

Along with the latest treatment CINJ pediatric cancer patients have access to unique services. For example, a state-approved classrooms available and provides educational support for children from preschool through high school . Late effects rates to improve survivors for pediatric cancer patients, follow-up has to be a young a young patient’s continued journey through life. Therefore, the Valerie Fund / CINJ is Long-term, information, treatment effects and Evaluation Program at CINJ was developed to meet specific needs of this growing population. The program allows survivors of childhood cancer for the best quality of life , taking into account of their individual long-term consequences and to experience they necessary support, education and intervention.

Australia has the highest incidence of melanoma in the world with more than 10 000 new cases and 1000 people die of the disease each year. Queensland has the highest incidence diagnosed of any state with seven Queenslanders with melanoma every day. More than one in 20 Queenslanders is expected to develop melanoma during their lifetime.

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