Because bladder cancer rates vary among states in the United States click here to see more.

Because bladder cancer rates vary among states in the United States, and the causes of these variations are largely unknown, The researchers studied bladder cancer incidence and mortality in the country compare to environmental factors that may have a connection. The study compared bladder cancer incidence and mortality rates for men and women in the United States contrary to levels of former smoking, UV radiation and well water as a source of drinking water, such as the public utilities click here to see more . Lack of health insurance and median family income were taken into account to adjust for access to care and socioeconomic status.

From these results, researchers hypothesis that increased bladder cancer risks from well water from pesticide contamination, occur occur in drinking water from uncontrolled private wells. The researchers UV radiation UV radiation as the best predictor of bladder cancer incidence and mortality in men and solar UV radiation and smoking as the best predictors of incidence and mortality in women.

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