Cancer also silence the SLC5A8 butyrate transporter.

Several synthetic HDAC inhibitors are under study for a variety of cancers at institutions such as the MCG Cancer Center as well as the new found GPR109A receptor. In producing, cancer also silence the SLC5A8 butyrate transporter. His current study, the researchers of the receptor found in 15 of 18 patients with colon cancer has been silenced. Cancer does not want butyrate by silence silence the transporter It also does not butyrate want on the cell from outside influence, so the receptor the receptor silence ‘, Ganapathy. ‘It does not want to have anything to do with butyrate. ‘.

Butyrate plays other protective role in colon cancer. In 2004, MCG researchers identified a gene that transports butyrate inside cells where the enzyme HDAC, which is upregulated in cancer, to inhibit the uncontrolled cell growth, a hallmark disease is to produce. – When you block HDAC, you can kill the cancer cell, Ganapathy says.Research Sophisticated the using routine methods Repeat Chest X – Ray for certain patients.

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