Find the differences in brain size are present 1 year of age.

Find the differences in brain size are present 1 year of age, Coe notes, suggests permanent. Our feeling is, if it is still there after 1 year, it is not going away he says.

– ‘The effects were greater for gray matter, the cell number and size in the cortex reflects, but we did see some reductions in the white matter as well,’said Coe, a UW-Madison professor of psychology and director of the Harlow Center for Biological Psychology.. Flu Exposure Stunts Baby Brain DevelopmentFor mothers, even catch a mild case of the flu could stunt brain development in their babies, according a new study conducted in rhesus monkeys.Be in the latest online edition out of the journal Biological Psychiatry, a team of Christopher Coe of the University of Wisconsin – Madison reports that flu infections in pregnant monkeys in a significant reduction in gray matter in Baby led monkeys, particularly in areas associated with people with the language, and the combination of information from different senses.Genf, January 2005 – Secretary – Mr Kofi Annan replaced to appointment of Dr. Peter Piot Executive Director of of Common United Nations Programme on on HIV / AIDS and under Secretary-General UN for four more years. ‘I am delighted in that Dr Piot lead on the United Nations response on HIV / AIDS over the next four years,’said UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. ‘This is a key to at our fighting the epidemic and to mobilize our work into that world compared this unique threats to human development and security. ‘.