In its judgment today.

The Commission has already. A number of implementing measures on the procedures that are applied by EFSA to requests for scientific opinions, and the Commission will examine whether these need further supplemented or reinforced accepted.. In its judgment today, the Court: – concluded that the directive on Article 95 of the Treaty; – pointed out that certain restrictions can be justified by the protection of public health, and the measures in question are necessary and appropriate for this purpose;. – confirmed the system of a positive list of vitamins and minerals and their sourcesthe Commission notes the Court’s conclusion that the Commission in the usually safe, that the consultation stage with EFSA becomes transparent and conducted within a reasonable time.

A high level of protection of public health With these goals in mind, we will look at the implementation of the Directive, to ensure that it is in a transparent and timely implementation and the least restrictive, allowing the science. ‘.. Directive on food supplements, European Court decides in favor the CommissionToday the European Court of Justice has ruled in favor of the European Commission, maintaining the validity of the directive on food supplements, the legal basis and the positive list system. The European Commission will now examine the details of the judgment of the Court and in view of the Court’s comments on the procedure, the Commission will seek ways to ensure that in a way in a way, implemented in a transparent, timely and the least restrictive that science allows.Previous Next to the worms. If losses of contact is having? In addition Microorganism increases risk for development for autoimmune diseases and asthma / allergy, it is possible to in that will help the re-introduction the treating the disease treat these illnesses? Increasingly, the answer will seems indeed to be.