Somalia last case of indigenous polio was in 2002.

Somalia last case of indigenous polio was in 2002. July 2005, the country of polio virus from Nigeria, the infected in an outbreak of 228 cases in total again. Systematic and wide-ranging outbreak response, including intensive community engagement, successfully stopped the epidemic, and the last case was on 25 In March 2007 reported in Mudug in central in central Somalia.

Polio, which can cause lifelong paralysis was stopped almost anywhere in the world after 20 years of concerted international effort. Only four remain polio – endemic countries – Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan – and the eradication of polio globally now depends primarily on stopping the disease in these countries.‘Whereas Radio Frequency Ablation special often repositioned to treat effectively a whole lesion of,’said John M. Author on the study. While radiofrequency ablation , it is hard that areas of dealt with dealt with, while moving the tube to see ‘Looking at summing stock photos by several CT scans allows us to quickly check where the ablation probe did,’he said. It contains 40 patients were successfully treated with to the summation method.