SPECT MPI were 96 % sensitivity click to follow.

SPECT MPI were 96 % sensitivity, specificity 56 % and 96 %, a negative predictive value is defined for the diagnosis of CAD extended ?? 70 % stenosis in two or more large epicardial coronary arteries, 70 %. New onset used to distinguish patients with heart failure, with extensive, etiologically relevant CAD from those with limited, co-existing CAD. The presence of extensive CAD indicates a causal relationship to heart failure and such patients are likely to benefit from coronary revascularization click to follow yourbeautyph.com . – The current professional society guidelines provide physicians with mixed direction with respect to diagnostic procedures for patients with new-onset heart failure, said James Udelson, principal investigator of the study and director of cardiology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. These study results build additional clinical evidence for the use of SPECT MPI with Cardiolit as noninvasive methods before more invasive coronary angiography, to help physicians to assess and select most from most from revascularization. Only 12 percent of patients had active anginal symptoms, so a CAD diagnosis difficult on clinical and increasing the importance of the use of imaging techniques like Cardiolit These findings further demonstrate the growing role that SPECT imaging plays with Cardiolit. Risk stratification in patients with their first episode of heart failure, said Mark Hibberd, Senior Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Lantheus Medical Imaging, Lantheus supporting this study reinforces our commitment and longstanding heritage in fostering innovation in cardiac imaging and provides important clinical information that helps physicians better manage their patients’ care. .

Each year, the utility of SPECT myocardial perfusion imaging with Cardio Lite in Patients with New – Onset Of Heart FailureLantheus Medical Imaging, a worldwide leader in diagnostic imaging, today announced new data announced from a prospective, non-randomized, multi – national study, the gated single photon emission computed tomography myocardial perfusion imaging with Cardiolit shows had 96 % negative predictive value for the diagnosis of extensive coronary artery disease in patients hospitalized with their first episode of heart failure. The study results were published in the January / February 2009 issue of the Journal of Nuclear Cardiology.

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