The results of a few other surprising tidbits surfaced on fruit-fly embryology

The results of a few other surprising tidbits surfaced on fruit-fly embryology, as well. For instance, while scientists had known that the cells in the mesoderm twice divide maintained during gastrulation, they did not know As it turned outhis is only for a specific group of cells, or if it was a hard-and – fast rule . As it turned out, it was a rule. ‘We saw that each and every cell divides twice,’says Stathopoulos. ‘Even more surprising, we found that the timing of these areas based on the cells original position in the tube – even though by the time they divide, they have, from where they began, they traveled actually remember where they came. ‘.

In detail the work in the paper, ‘to offer Dynamic analyzes of Drosophila gastrulation Insights into Collective Cell Migration, ‘was supported by grants from the National Institutes of Health, which supports Searle Scholars Program, the March of Dimes and Caltech Beckman Institute.

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