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Provide real-time imaging in the OP , which PoleStar Surgical MRI provides surgeon with targeting and navigation precision spite of the anatomy of movement Using during a procedure. With entry – operative imaging information, neurosurgeon have more confidence to achieve maximum tumor resection, while simultaneously avoiding critical areas of of brain. Use of Polestar system may well reducing the need for revision surgeries and to the length of of stay in hospital for the patient. ‘provides This is the the next generation of intra-operative MRI flexibility, improved ergonomics and trust in the achievement of operational targets,’said Jim Cloar, The introduction of the managers which menu Division part of the Surgical Technologies shop at Medtronic. ‘Its unique compact design, to Pole Star Surgical MRI systems neurosurgeon from intra-operative no without the compromises which profit other systems, such as extensive renovation of operating room for or restrictions upon of surgeons choice of instruments. ‘.

More than 50 PoleStar systems have been install in Roelen globally since 2001. The introduction of the Polestar N30 is the culmination of six of the research and development of Medtronic scientists and engineers working to surgeons customers of leading hospitals and clinics.