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Churchgoers religious leaders to HIV / AIDS Awareness Among Blacks raise addiction – to slow the AP / Clarksville Leaf Chronicle recently an attempt to Nashville Metro Health Department, which use ‘the power and the influence of the black aiming ‘ spread of HIV ‘in the community. About 27 percent of Nashville ‘s population is black, and the group makes 55 percent of HIV / AIDS cases, according to the AP / Chronicle click to see here .

Historically, black churches and religious organizations ‘remained virtually silent about HIV / AIDS prevention,’according to the AP / Chronicle. However, on National HIV Testing Day in the past month 14 ministers signed a covenant promising to discuss HIV / AIDS with their communities and each took an HIV test. Church-goers also had the option, under HIV testing after the service on this day. – ‘Sexuality has increasingly been discussed in the black church,’the pastor said Raymond Bowman, who attended the event, and added: ‘It is just that, with what is going on in the world today it has to move from the rear to the front burner. Wir Werden weiterhin uber Enthaltsamkeit spreche. Aber WENN Verdrahtung Unsere Töchter und Söhne Unsere gesund Genug, um sterben Menschen, sterben Sie lieben heiraten Wollen, Sindh Verdrahtung zu Haben, um Uber Das Testen zu spreche, zu ‘(Ross, AP / Clarksville Blatt Chronic.e,

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Alzheimer’s Society thanks to ASG co-chairs former House Speaker Gingrich and former Senator Bob Kerrey, ASG member Christine Cassel, Meryl Comer, Steven D Henry McCance, Mark McClellan, Sandra Day O’Connor, James nd round, David Satcher , and Harold Varmus and ASG Executive Director Harry Egge for her excellent labor.


To make Residents Need More Nurses are, Medical Care is, of AustraliaAustralia age nursing homes urgently need more elderly care to residents of to the care that they earn, the AMA said today. ‘The time is important that more nurses can be used in ages and care homes to elderly people with of care that they need and offer deserve,’AMA president Dr Rosanna Capo Lingua.