Aspuru-Guzik and Kassal co-authors on the PNAS paper are Stephen P

###Aspuru-Guzik and Kassal co-authors on the PNAS paper are Stephen P . Jordan of MIT, Peter J. Love of Haverford College , and Masoud Mohseni of Harvard. The the the Army Research Office and Joyce and Zlatko Balokovic scholarship.

Unlike a conventional computer, Aspuru-Guzik and his colleagues say, a quantum computer could the steps necessary to produce a chemical reaction in a time that does not simulated increases exponentially with the complexity the reaction. ‘The ability to predict the outcome of chemical reactions would have tremendous practical applications,’Ivan Kassal, one student says in chemical physics at Harvard University. ‘A lot of research in drug design is done materials science, catalysis, and molecular biology have through trial and error. Having accurate predictions would did, how do these kinds of science. ‘.

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