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In their report, the scientists show that a gene called Ikaros in most immature retinal stem cells of the mouse, the ‘responsible ‘is the seven different cell types that generate composing the retina expressed. This gene is not this gene is not in the ‘older’stem cells, which are more restricted in their differentiation potential and produce only expressed the late-born neurons follow this web-site more info . ‘By studying the retina of a mouse in which the Ikaros gene was inactivated, we found has opened. Affected by premature retinal cell types, while the generation of late-born retinal cell types is not affected had, ‘said Dr. Michel Cayouette who led the study. By contrast, the expression of Ikaros forces in older retinal stem cells, which are normally off rotated its expression was give back give back the competence of these cells to produce premature neuron Overall, these results show that the expression of Ikaros in retinal cells is necessary and sufficient to the power to the power to early born retinal neurons. – the identification of adult retinal stem cells in recent years, the possibility that such cells tag can be used tag can be used to replace damaged or lost cells in various retinal diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or retinitis pigmentosa has opened. For such approaches to be effective however, it is essential that stem cells produce only the corresponding cell type for a specific condition. This study shows that it may be possible to cell replacement therapies. Competence of retinal stem cells, so that they generate only retinal cells, the. To a particular temporal stage ‘For example, added Dr. Cayouette, inactivating Ikaros could. Production of later-born neurons such as photoreceptors, in favor in of retinal degenerative diseases ‘Future studies are needed to evaluate the usefulness of this approach for potential cell replacement therapies.

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