Its by far the most promising compound

Aeolus Pharmaceuticals AEOL 10150 offers significant protection of the lungs and skin in animal studies of mustard gas exposureAeolus Pharmaceuticals, researchers from researchers from National Jewish Research and Medical Center and the University of Colorado completed a number studies, which show that 10 150 AEOL statistically significant protection of the lung and skin provides a 2-chloroethyl ethyl sulfide model mustard gas exposure in rats . At the at the National Institutes of Health CounterACT countermeasures against chemical threats Conference in Washington DC. There is currently no effective treatment for mustard gas exposure and AEOL 10150 is a major focus of the funded research grants by the NIH National Jewish Counteract program to provide effective treatment to identify excellent. – ‘We are the robust the robust effects of AEOL 10150 in rescuing the lung and skin from the damaging effects of CEES and are eager to test its efficacy against sulfur mustard vapor,’said Dr. Carl White, pediatric pulmonologist at National Jewish and Director of the CounterACT Center of Excellence in Denver. ‘It’s by far the most promising compound, which in this in this acute lung injury model. ‘.

Protect the lungsThe primary goal of this study was to determine whether administration of AEOL 10150 of acute lung injury of acute lung injury induced by mustard gas exposure. AEOL 10150 was given to rats one hour after CEES exposure and again 9 hours later. Eighteen hours after exposure, lung edema and hemorrhage were assessed by changes in BAL protein and red blood cells.

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