Shalala raised the importance of simplicity in a health plan read more here.

Shalala raised the importance of simplicity in a health plan, adding: It should finite elements. Those who those who bring the matter universal coverage universal coverage . read more here

Thompson said the committee should on the amendment on the amendment Medicare and then the entire U.S. Health care system to CQ HealthBeat. Thompson recommends amending Medicare by services, increasing revenue and raising the age limit for eligibility. He noted that Medicare hospital trust fund begins taken taken over in 2013, it could be insolvent in 2019. Thompson said: What should we call these difficult decisions I am for the creation of a bipartisan commission, similar to the base-closing commission this Commission by Congress and the next president should be charged in order to recommend solutions?. added that added that is Medicare go bankrupt. In the U.S. Contradicted Thompson recommendations to the Commission and the eligibility increasing age requirement You said that. Political system, I think, which is the age for Medicare is a very would have to address the changes to Medicare. dangerous business, Shalala and added: When people sicker are going to get worse, and that’s the last thing we want to do in our society, .

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