The need for a better way to to measure pain objectively recognized.

The need for a better way to to measure pain objectively recognized, rather than being related to the current method of self – reporting for a long time. But the highly subjective nature of pain this this an elusive target.

Ght that maybe we can not make a perfect tool, but has anyone actually tried to do so to a very, very basic level? It turned out to be surprisingly easy to do this. ‘.. ‘at the end of the symposium, there was a discussion on the challenges of creating a’painometer. Hypothetically hypothetically how in the future in the future, ‘Mackey said. ‘These two young scientists in my laboratory came to me and said, ‘We think we can do this. We would like to try. I was skeptical. ‘ – The two scientists – Neil Chatterjee, currently an MD / PhD student at Northwestern University, and lead author of the study, Justin Brown, now an assistant professor of biology at Simpson College – came up with the concept in a discussion after the symposium. – ‘It was very much on a whim,’said co-author Chatterjee.Funding National Institutes of Health, Atricure and Estech the research. Pcs receives consulting fees out of Atricure, maker of the radiofrequency ablation equipment.