The new positions include 61 internship and 98 post-doctoral fellowship positions

The new positions include 61 internship and 98 post-doctoral fellowship positions, bringing the national number of apprenticeships in psychology to 620 per year .

The new internship programs are at the following locations: Anchorage, Asheville, NC, Iowa City, Iowa , and Richmond,The new post-doctoral fellowship programs are located in: Albany, NY, Albuquerque, NM Ann Arbor, Michigan, Baltimore, Bay Pines, Florida, Buffalo, NY, Columbia, Detroit, Durham, NC, Los Angeles, Hines, Honolulu, Jackson, Mississippi, Little Rock, Ark., Loma Linda, California, Long Beach, California, Manhattan, NY, Providence, Virginia, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Louis, Tampa, Florida, Washington, DC, West Haven, Connecticut, and White River Junction.

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