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A large number of people and supplies necessary to provide both disaster relief and disaster preparedness for the continuous storms get information . The United States. The American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund enables the Red Cross to free, immediate assistance for victims of disasters. Despite the fact Every year Relief Fund is low, the Red Cross, does not again. At the level of services that we offer You can help the victims of thousands of disasters across the country. Every year a financial gift to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

Served with more than 1 million meals and snacks and nearly 5,000 nights in Red Cross shelters for victims of Hurricane Dolly, Red Cross services are critical to recovery efforts. At the same time that residents remain stranded by Dolly in Red Cross shelters, preparation activities for Tropical Storm for Tropical Storm Edouard. Transport routes of the Red Cross people and goods, including food, cots, blankets and cleanup kits, are well traveled in Texas and Louisiana because several storms threaten the coast each year.

April first time in which treating ocular injuries, including cataract, chronic or acute infected wounds, including the surgically induced sores and skin and eyes infection, which initial tests be derived from the first product on of this new technology was aimed shown promising results. More other applications of this technology are also examined. April has already conducted several ‘the in vitro ‘and ‘in vivo ‘pre – clinical trials to investigate the critical characteristics of its first product with nano-coating obtained patented procedure , including chemical analyze, stable, toxicology, safety and effectiveness of with both positive and promising results. Also an stage II study in surgically induced wounds of was performed with excellent results: April be now ready to initial clinical studies tabs on and type cataract sore healing. Nanosystems. Order to give correct focus is about this new an important step in the expansion of April R & D portfolio and inventor of these technologies platform a substantial stake in the project, decided to April, a new company specifically provided for creating the evolution of these and to our of our nanotechnology , the new company with the name ‘April nanotechnologies sa’, is are also based in Switzerland and will be with headquarters at Balerna ‘. Complete Paul Galfetti in.

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