There is evidence that prevention work.

‘There is evidence that prevention work,’said Bruce McGillivray, president of Baxter’s Renal business. ‘So in addition to working on campaigns such as Take 2 Tell 5 to promote early diagnosis, continue continue with our leaders work in the government in order to support patient training and education for pre – dialysis patients. ‘.

AAKP is the voluntary, patient organization more than 35 for more than 35 years to improving the lives of the other kidney patients and their families, given by dealing with the physical, emotional and social impact of kidney disease. To their circumstancesAKP inform and inspire patients and their families better understand their condition, adjust better to their circumstances, and assume more normal, productive lives in their communities.ASCO, the more than 28,000 oncology, continues public policy that guarantees patient access be to assist high-quality care for cancer patients and support rose clinical cancer research.