5) Paleolithic ART AND MUSIC RESONATEThousands of years later get information here.

5) Paleolithic ART AND MUSIC RESONATEThousands of years later, we can see stone age art on cave walls, but we can not stone-age stone-age music that would have accompanied many of the pictures. Also lead of the University of Paris reports that the most acoustically resonant in a cave – where dwell hears or reverberate the most – was often the place where the pictures were densest. And if most of the resonance on the ground in a very narrow passage was too difficult for painting, red marks are often as if the resonance maximum had to be mean to a certain extent get information here . Of paintings of paintings and music, Reznikoff says, provides the best evidence of the ritual significance of the painting and the use of the adorned caves. .

The greater goal of the Omaha Tiger project is ongoing efforts to wild tigers, all of which are seriously threatened help to spare. Because effective conservation require strategies accurate knowledge of the number of people in a given area, and because existing census numbers for particularly particularly uncertain, the group plans methods to methods to individual animals the wild the wild, on the basis identify acoustic properties of their calls. The presentation will feature audio recordings of tiger calls. .


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