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The President Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief will begin providing money for male circumcision programs in some African countries in an effort to reduce the spread of HIV, a delegation of U http://www.sildenafilini.com .S. Health officials HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt led announced on Sunday during in Johannesburg, South Africa, the Washington Post reports. Invited According to the Post, PEPFAR focus countries were to program funding request to increase access to the procedure (Timberg, Washington Post, Leavitt and officials are at a 10-day tour of four African countries malaria programs PEPFAR and the President. Mark funded initiative to to Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania after their stay in South Africa (Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Report.

Kent Hill, assistant administrator for USAID, recent research said shows that routine male circumcision significantly a man’s risk of HIV infection has been shown to reduce the procedure to ‘go to one of the largest interventions in the international arsenal ‘against HIV / AIDS, the Post reported. According to Hill, initial investment in circumcision services would be a small part of the. With the funding in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for the individual countries He added that the funding would likely increase to ‘an important part ‘of PEPFAR programs in the coming months and years, the Post reports to be.

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