And their predictions for the future follow this web-site.

In recognition of this progress Prior Court School near Newbury in Berkshire is hosts Autism 2020 a one-day conference on 12 Uniting some of the world leading expert on autism who present their views on the latest developments in research and practice , and their predictions for the future follow this web-site .

Sixty five years ago when Leo Kanner first the term autism specific characteristics in a group of children to identify some of the broad public, but now it is rarely out of the media and the UN resolution that the world has given April second as annual World Autism Awareness Day is further ways to bring this spectrum disorder in the public eye.

She said. : ‘the testimony of the female interviewed for this research show how ignorant and ill-equipped lot of them around the topics of pregnancy, birth and Needlework Baby Care been so late as 1960s, and indeed may even valid female from today. ‘.

The first part of the study to motherhood concentrating from 1930 to 1970 and Dr. Davis said that results were surprising It have always found it ignorance sex education and birth, but very different reasons.