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The facility Geroscience to the to the combined production of Neuroscience nearly four decades ago, the knowledge of brain anatomy, neurochemistry, neurophysiology, behavioral sciences and other areas to create a new interdisciplinary field. Geroscience include the Buck Institute initially molecular genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, chemical biology, cancer biology, Alzheimer’s research, endocrinology, invertebrate aging, nutrition, bioenergetics, Parkinson’s research, molecular epidemiology, Huntington’s disease research, ischemia , proteomics, human embryonic stem cells, genomic stability and statistics, among others. In the coming years the Buck Institute, researchers from fields as disparate as is winning physics, anthropology, engineering and mathematics hopes usually have no background in Geroscience and may not initially think of themselves as researchers in this new area. ‘The Buck Institute was founded on the principle of the creation of interdisciplinary research,’said Buck Institute Geroscience Project Director Gordon Lithgow, ‘Our lack of departmental structures has minimized organizational barriers and has already resulted in surprising discoveries about aging and disease we we are an ideal partner for the NIH, as it is done the way of research in this country to seek to transform, ‘he said. ‘It is my hope that to promote the creation of this new discipline of Geroscience sweeping changes in health care,’said Bredesen. ‘Our current approach to aging is largely reactive, we go healthcare providers when the chronic diseases of aging become symptomatic, which unfortunately, is when they advanced, and usually are already beyond repair. ‘Given the need for pre – symptomatic diagnosis , coupled with the prevention of age related diseases, organization, which ‘We have grown accustomed to living in a society where we do not worry about contracting polio, but where we do not guarantee that we age, without the development of Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cancer or other other age-associated diseases ‘Bredesen added:’we hope to improve this situation, and we are excited about the potential for contribute Geroscience research on this fundamental change – your potential literally the way we age change ‘. The Buck Institute is an independent non-profit organization, which is located on the extension of the health span, the healthy years of the individual ‘s life. The Buck Institute undertakes pioneering research with the support of federal funds to hold private philanthropy and proceeds from the Buck Trust its $ 32 M annual budget. The National Institute on Aging designated the Buck one Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Biology of Aging, one of only five centers in the country. Buck Institute scientists work in an innovative, interdisciplinary setting, the mechanisms of aging the mechanisms of aging and of of detecting, preventing and treating age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, stroke and arthritis. Collaborative research at the Institute is supported by genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics technology.

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