If they act as spider veins.

Because the vessel walls or vein valves do not work properly. Thomas Korff and his group in the Department of Cardiovascular Physiology Heidelberg University Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology have now shown that the pathological remodeling cause varicose veins are mediated by a single protein.. But Model for the study developed varicose veins as as ‘varices ‘in medical terminology are usually just a cosmetic problem, if they act as spider veins. In its advanced stages, however, they represent a real threat to health. In people with this widespread disease, the blood is not freely transported to the heart but pools in the leg veins.

However, the cellular mechanisms with our model formation of varicose control to be similar to mechanisms appear the remodeling of arteries in patients orchestrate with high blood pressure Korff says. Transcription factor AP-1 the activity of certain the activity of certain genes and the corresponding protein production by the inflation pressure in the blood vessels, and in turn regulates controls the formation of varicose veins , adds Korff. If AP-1 inhibited , it prohibits activation of genes on the characteristic corkscrew as varicose not form, and the cell proliferation and the production of enzymes that break down connective tissue remain normal levels.Ground Defense achievements about a young researchers: AACR Award on Outstanding Achievement in Cancer Research, recognizing a young researcher based on merit achievement in Research on Cancer to give.