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Give give the patient insulin immediately after transplantation before diabetes occurs, the new thing is that we give insulin to non-diabetics, and are hereby preventively treat patients, ‘explains Marcus S emann the Clinical? Division of Nephrology and Dialysis. This is a success, a group of 25 patients who were treated with insulin therapy immediately for the three months following transplantation was, the risk of developing diabetes can be reduced by about 75 %. For the control group, which in according to current standards of care the same period had been treated, as a partner.

Manages a multi-center study of the Medical University of ViennaThe initial results of the study also received so much international attention that the Medical University of Vienna has won the University of Michigan as a partner. From late 2011 to, the results can be extended to support a multicenter study by the U.S. National Institutes of Health . The three-to five-year study in Vienna under the direction of S? Emann coordinated and Hecking and other centers in Europe, including France, Spain, Italy and Germany will participate.Its protective function. Explore A protein direct link to wound which healsdiabetic and dermatitis may be two completely separate two completely separate diseases. But UC San Diego biologists have discovered what seems his a major biochemical link between the two.

By Widespread immunization with the HPV vaccine along with additional screening will help reduction the burden of disease cervical cancer and other HPV disorders, he says.. Gardasil was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration during the past year for the use women 9 to 26 years Whilst While dispute question of pre-adolescent female been raised to a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease, arguing Dr.