In scientific evaluations at clinical sites in Europe.

In scientific evaluations at clinical sites in Europe, showed the Abbott RealTime high Risk HPV test high accuracy, with a specificity of 99.4 % and sensitivity of 97.5 % for the qualitative detection of 14 high-risk HPV genotypes. However, most assay uses liquid cytology specimens and runs on the Abbott m2000 system for large volume m – laboratories and labs for m24sp or manually conducted small to medium volumes.

The range of automated systems provides laboratories the flexibility and efficiency to accommodate various workloads.Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among women worldwide. In Europe, around 33,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and of the disease it causes 15,000 deaths annually. The average time from HPV infection to development of cervical cancer is 15 years, and the likelihood of progression from infection to disease increases with age. However, most HPV are benign found in the genital tract and clears spontaneously.To 8.2 billion payments: AP / Houston Chronicle on on Monday examines how the ‘maneuvering through Medicare has a peaceful presence of in recent weeks and has safe to flicker when Democrats making re to the subject. ‘When House Democrats using at corrections Medicare in order to trying to finance the expansion of SCHIP, ‘[p] ublicly stated, all international sites vociferously her concern for the elderly in the U.S. And barely its own financial and political self-interest if at all, ‘in accordance with the AP / Chronicle.