The majority of lung cancer staging still done today by mediastinoscopy click to see full text.

The majority of lung cancer staging still done today by mediastinoscopy, but several less invasive techniques are used used. The most common is transbronchial needle aspiration , tract click to see full text . A doctor puts a bronchoscope into the trachea and based on a CT scan, passes a small needle through the trachea where a suspicious lymph node is believed. You can not directly see the lymph nodes, which significantly limits accuracy of TBNA, he says.

This new technique, the two small hoses, while the other inserted into a patient ‘s esophagus, to translate to lymph nodes in the rear part of the lungs, while the other is placed in the trachea or the airway used nodes reach to the front and sides, 93 % the in Find malignant lymph nodes in a group of 138 patients. This is much more accurate than all other lung cancer staging methods now in use today, say the researchers , who tested three different methods of non-invasive staging in their study. – ‘ranges Together they found more malignant lymph nodes than did the use of an endoscope, ‘says the study’s principal investigator, Michael Wallace, a professor of medicine at the Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Fla. ‘Doing both procedures at once takes little time, requires only a mild sedative, and patients go home the same day. ‘.

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