The suit has now on shown effectively to reduce bleeding after childbirth follow this web-site.

The suit has now on shown effectively to reduce bleeding after childbirth, according to Suellen Miller, who proposed the garment used as a maternal life-saver and the project in Egypt over the past four years, pilot – tested with Egyptian colleagues Mohammed Mourad Yousiff, El Galaa Maternity Hospital in Cairo, and Mohamed Fathalla, from the Assiut Teaching Hospital, in Assiut. ‘It is extremely gratifying to see this work expanded by Pathfinder,’said Miller, an associate professor in the UCSF Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine Services and Director of Safe Motherhood Programs of Global Health at the UCSF Women’s Imperative. – ‘Hundreds of thousands of new mothers are dying unnecessarily each year due to bleeding, simply because they have no access to a hospital,’she said follow this web-site . More than 99 % simple garment appears extremely promising in pilot studies and could make a big impact on the lives of both women and their families. ‘.

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