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Notes[i] a case-control study compares the frequency of an exposure or behavior reported between people with an illness the cases ) and people who have not had the disease .

One of the one of the main findings of a landmark report Osteoporosis – Burden, health care and opportunities in the European Union republished in the journal Archives of Osteoporosis. The study, compiled by the International Osteoporosis Foundation in collaboration with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations , calculated the future burden of fractures as a consequence of the increasing absorption treatment in the five largest European countries and Sweden.. Long-term disability improved strategies to reduce the treatment gap and Future Burden of fracturesIt pays to prevent fractures.Claire Staniforth, Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. ‘This breakthrough in technologies perform the ground for the next generation prosthetics concentrated on exactly the copying of bio – mechanical movement of of human joints and limbs. ‘.. The RHEO KNEE was Ossur learn said first artificial intelligent knee with ability and launched toward its users to flows in real time, in one continuous improved and optimized the performance of. – ‘On over three years of intensive R and Germany, the RHEO KNEE is the first the new generation by microprocessor – driven, swing and attitude knee systems artificial intelligence artificial intelligence, allowing the system allows the how learning the user walking anticipate and finally every move basis, ‘explains Ms.

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