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Each micro sensor a tiny, suspended platform is made in silicon on a chip. The platform is only 50 microns wide – half the width of a human hair. The suspended scale vibrates at a certain frequency, when Increases added. Increases as a cell mass, the resonance frequency of the sensor goes down. As a control, the structure of small smaller small, they is sensitive to the mass that him him, said Bashir. A cell is a few nanograms in mass or less. When our sensor is small enough, then it is susceptible to cell mass. .

The National Science Foundation supported this work. Other co-authors of the paper were postdoctoral fellows Kidong Park, Larry Millet Xioazhong and Jin, mechanical science and engineering students Namjung Kim and Huan Li and electrical engineering and computer science professor Gabriel Popescu.On Thursday via 30 years propose calcium dogmaA University of Melbourne research team led has 30 years of dogma of, how a cell of transported calcium abolished the development of promising insights in cancers and neuro-degenerative diseases.

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