In response to the report.

In response to the report, CMS officials said that the agency had begun or completed 103 of 165 audits in 2006. said of the report: It is a mindset that could care less to waste taxpayers’ money taxpayers’ money, which has no problems with padding profits of drug companies with hard-earned taxpayer dollars (Goldstein, McClatchy / Raleigh News & Observer.

‘Delaying financial audits increase the risk that use inaccurate and unsupported. At the cost of providing Part D benefits to appreciate in future plan years,’the report said.About keep these new technology sectors, said Representative Black. The American life science competitive Act of 2007, new investment in the development the next generation of of medical care which are lead longer, healthier life for American and people throughout the world will. .. Legislation modernizes many element the federal income tax code to ensure that America biotechnology companies can continue the necessary resources order to increase to bring new therapies to market. Especially improves legislative reform mains operational loss rules, 2007 includes new R & D tax credit modernized which Orphan Drug loan, promotes the development on new bio – defensive and pandemic flu countermeasures, and promotes long – term investments in small life sciences companies fight on arranged Research Fund.

As such, biotech company have a unique business model, not provided for on the current structure federal taxes code. The Life Sciences in be a key part of America innovation Business, said Representative Brady. Current leading innovative industries support nearly half a million high-paying jobs including 78,900 in my home state of Texas , which has one of fastest growing biotechnological churches in the country. A large majority these companies, however, are small, research oriented company faces major hurdles at growing help you and advance, including sharp for research and development costs, which may take decades for till be realized. The American Life Sciences in competitiveness Act 2007 relieve of this research costs to business company self longer. At Your life-saving products in the USA..