Although telomerase is involved in tumor development.

Although telomerase is involved in tumor development, at low levels in in small amounts in cells where it repair of damaged repair of damaged and worn out tissue.

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Individuals with type 2 diabetes that been a diet high low – glycemic food such as nuts, beans and lentils greater improvement in glycemic control and controller risk factors to coronary heart disease as the people to diet with emphasis on high – cereal fibers, according to one study on the 17th December issue of of JAMA.

High – C ratio is: significantly for high-density for high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol . HDL-C increases of low glycemic index diet group by 1.7 mg / dL and decreased by-0.2 mg / dL in the high – cereal fiber diet group. The LDL-C: HDL – C ratio of exhibited a significant reduction in the low glycemic index diet group compared with which high – cereal fiber diet group. reduce glycemic index of food enhanced glycemic control and hazard factors for coronary heart disease Current dates are important implications for the treatment of diabetes where the goal have been narrow blood glucose monitoring have to avoid complications , the reduce A1C was modest but we feel but we think it is has clinically relevant, the authors write.