In experiments with mice.

In experiments with mice, the researchers demonstrate that show that the tumor proliferates less aggressively CD95L CD95L with an antibody and thus of programmed cell death of programmed cell death ‘With this changed perspective, ideas ideas for tumor therapy in the future hope,’Martin-Villalba said. Dr Leusink said Algemeen Dagblad ‘We are not just talking about one-off incidents but a structural problem that must be addressed directly, the consequences for the patient are very damaging. ‘.

Glioblastomas such as corals and form filigree branches nearby, healthy brain tissue. For this reason it is very difficult for neurosurgeons to remove the tumor completely, because the risk of damage to healthy tissue is too high. Moreover, glioblastomas therapies therapies, However normally activate the body’s apoptosis program.Planes of said peptide reach the cerebrospinal fluid which washes around the brain and spinal cord, suggests 30 percent the beginning and end of the study. And the patients cognitive function was also tested.