Wills says the researchers do not know if anything.

They say they have with all of the sites they studied to inform them informed about the privacy leakage, but have not heard back from any official. ‘We do not say that they necessarily try, private information leak,’he says. ‘But once someone is in possession of your unique identifier, there is so much learn about you learn about you. And even if tracking sites not the information itself, they can not guarantee that it will never find its way into other hands? For these reasons this issue this issue is something we should be worried. ‘.. Wills says the researchers do not know if anything, tracking sites with the unique identifiers that social networks to transmit them to do.

The researchers also found, while the users of social networking sites may be protected to some degree by the amount of information they would by and by the protective measures the websites provide to them to restrict access to their information, the easiest way to prevent privacy leakage stop for social networking sites, are unique identifiers visible.There occurs second decade of study of the physiology and function the nervous system, want to to Brown Institute for Brain Research resort where you will be unveiled on the future to the brain.