SenseWear demonstrated that effective behavioral modification tool for weight lossBodyMedia.

We have found, should help SenseWear Body Monitoring System , a tool to help patients through the levels of physical activity, can inform the change of behavior related to their disease management plan facilitated. .. SenseWear demonstrated that effective behavioral modification tool for weight lossBodyMedia, the pioneer in metabolic assessment and behavioral therapy solutions, announced the first the first results of the study indicate that by incorporating the SenseWear body system monitoring may improve in weight loss intervention programs physicians outcomes. The results present positive evidence for the ability of SenseWear to evaluate and report patient daily metabolic behavior accurately and continuously which if both doctor and patient are provided to help change behavior and improve health.

About BodyMedia,, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, BodyMedia provides healthcare with advanced metabolic assessment and behavioral therapy solutions for the treatment of obesity, diabetes and CVD. BodyMedia patented body monitoring solutions track the daily activities of patients and process and transmit highly accurate health metrics including calories burned, activity, sleep , and other important metabolic and lifestyle information. By increasing self-confidence of patient, especially those which enables with diabetes and obesity, BodyMedia SenseWear product line medical practitioners to change behavior and healthier lifestyle. For more information on the SenseWear Body Monitoring System.Meeker and co researchers have examined the prevalence of ALT mechanism over a wide range of human cancer subtypes. Analyzing 6,110 a cohort of 94 different cancer subtype, 541 benign neoplasms to 264 normal tissue samples are the researchers found that the prevalence of OLD phenotypes amounted 3.73 percent. It was benign tumors in benign tumors and normal tissues.