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22,884 authors postulate that ‘. The factors that prevent black women from receiving the same quality of care as white women by the complex treatment methods are increasingly used for more advanced breast cancer ‘ – Article: ‘Within – Stage Racial Differences in tumor size and number of positive lymph nodes in women with breast cancer, ‘Russell McBride, Dawn Hershman, Wei – Yann Tsai, Judith S. Jacobson, Victor Grann Alfred I. Published Online: August 13, 2007 ; Print Issue Date: September 15.. The study also found that the stage of disease at diagnosis increases increases increases in mortality between African-American and white women.

Adjusted for tumor size and lymph node status and other known factors such as age, African American women were still more likely die of their disease. The mortality rate among African American women was calculated to up to 56 % higher than whites to be. This study confirms ‘statistically significant differences within stage between black and white women in tumor size and lymph node involvement, however the authors conclude. ‘These differences are not clinically important in terms of survival, the standard AJCC stage categories. ‘.PLoS Computational Biology is an open – entrance, peer-reviewed journal monthly by the Public Library of Science as the official periodical of the International Society for Computational Biology.