Are believed to kill cancer cells by inducing excess ROS.

These activators these activators PKM2 activity at high levels maintained well under oxidative stress also sensitized cells to oxidant-induced death similar to the oxidation-resistant mutant. Are believed to kill cancer cells by inducing excess ROS, there is a possibility that PKM2 activators may improve the efficacy of these therapies.. The team also worked with the National Institutes of Health Chemical Genomics Center to identify small molecule PKM2 activators, drugs, PKM2 to keep active and prevent cancer cells with glucose to grow and survive the treatment of cancer cells.

It is important suggest that the activation of enzymes PKM2 can sensitize cancer cells to oxidative stressIt has long been known that cancer cells utilize nutrients differently than normal cells. In recent years, the fast re-emerging field of cancer metabolism has shed new light on the way to shed that cancers use glucose to grow and thrive, which show that manipulation of an enzyme called PKM2 is important that this metabolism.The awards will be held on British Pharmaceutical The Conference are introduced 2,007, on Wednesday, September, where announce the winners of each a 30-minute presentation on their award-winning research. * This conference Sciences Medal winning in 2006 gives a talk on their award-winning research at Meeting 2007.

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