Head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland.

‘the new policy will automatically binding for Amnesty members in each member country, even though abortion is illegal.. To abortion.rdinal O’Brien Ends Amnesty International Membership Over New Abortion PolicyScottish Cardinal Keith O’Brien, head of the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland, on Tuesday announced his membership in Amnesty International because of the group to end the new politics that have supported a woman’s right to an abortion under certain circumstances, AFP / Yahoo! News reports (AFP / Yahoo News, the organization at the end of of its biennial meeting in Mexico City said that it would work to ‘support the , to ensure, to ensure women have experience access to medical care in case of complications from abortion women’s access women’s access to abortion.

Cardinal Renato Martino, head of the Vatican’s Justice and Peace Department, in June called Catholics and Catholic organizations to withhold contributions to Amnesty because of the policy. Michael Evans, Roman Catholic Bishop of East Anglia in England, earlier this month ended his Amnesty membership after the group confirms its support for the new policy to reconsider. According to the London Times, many of Amnesty ‘strongest supporters ‘were Catholics, and some people are worried that the resignations of O’Brien and Evans signal support for the their support for that other group.On OnaltaOnalta is a novel radiotherapeutic candidates that selectively highly regulated in to somatostatin receptor into metastatic carcinoid and pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. It has been clinical trials for patients whose symptoms of been studied through conventional by conventional somatostatin analogue.