These findings are important.

‘These findings are important , because they imply a new family of transcription factors – the snail proteins – in the process of embryonic segmentation,’said Robb Krumlauf, square-foot ‘These results provide a link between the morphogenesis of the tissue that generates vortices and the periodic production of their precursors.’.

The Snail factors known to a facilitate the transition of the epithelium to the mesenchyme State control actively actively in cancer therapy, where they a role a role in controling tumor invasion. Understanding their function in embryonic development may provide insight into their dysfunction in cancer.One research team led by Ercan Gedik of Turkey resulted the potential protective effect of resveratrol against I / R-induced liver injury analyzed with biochemical and histological parameters. This is 14 December 2008 in to the World Journal of Gastroenterology published.