Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Initial Phase 3 efficacy data demonstrated statistically significant analgesic activity at all doses tested and reinforces the potential clinical benefit and commercial value of lead dual – opioid QRxPharma the product, said Dr. John Holaday, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, QRxPharma. We are pleased with this study results are very satisfied and believe that it shows that the company is on target to clinical testing for Q8003IR is complete, submit a New Drug Application in 2009 and its goal to achieve product launch in in 2010. .. Study was designedeleases Successful Phase 3 Study Results for ‘ Dual Opioid ‘ Pain TherapyQRxPharma Limited , a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of therapies for pain and central nervous system announced initial phase 3 efficacy results for Q8003IR determines an immediate release Dual opioid product for the acute treatment of moderate to severe pain.

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