The technique is based on the bacterium the inclination.

Researcher from the Department of of the Karpov Physicochemical Research Institute suggest their own technique for hunting the Helicobacter pylori. The technique is based on the bacterium the inclination, the bacteria is fond of urea and decomposes quickly, wherein carbon dioxide gas is formed together with that. The patient can be a urea , and then the content of his / her exhalation can be explored offered. But the problem is that we always breathe carbon dioxide. – The Obninsk researchers suggest that carbonic acid from urea should marked – the C-14 radioactive isotope of carbon the urea.

One of the first technology platforms that support CeBMR a sprayable dressing designed to allow soldiers to treat their own little gunshot wounds, burns, abrasions or cuts, so that they conclude a three-day mission , and quickly return to duty. The sprayable federation technology will be relieve relieve pain, alleviate bleeding and reduce infection. Biocure, Norcross, Georgia developed this technology.This study showed that the cost treatment of patients that will have to change its AED because of bad control of seizures and unacceptable side effects is highly and proposes in that quick, sustained epileptic control is not only beneficial for people suffering epilepsy , but also reduces health care costs for society.