Especially metastasis cancer of the colon and endocrine tumors.

The integrated technology of the University Hospital is particularly suitable for the treatment of primary tumors of the liver and branch lines, especially metastasis cancer of the colon and endocrine tumors. Radioembolization is an efficient alternative in cases where the liver is host to several tumors and can not be eradicated. The technology does not replace surgery, rather provides the possibility of treatment in situations where there were no treatment options to date.

With all of these figures, we can determine the optimal dosage to irrad?. Aß the tumor to the maximum and the healthy liver to a minimum.. ProcedureThis therapeutic method is initiated by irradiation of the tumors directly and maintaining healthy liver. The microspheres through a catheter into through a catheter into the hepatic artery, the only blood vessel, which is injected, the zones of the tumorous liver , thus guaranteeing that the radiation aimed at the preferred tumorous zone. The microspheres are transferred with yttrium-90 , and if they get marked radiation in tumorous area. Their effects can be evaluated suitability is established for the treatment, the Yttrium administration kit is prepared – individualized for each patient and yttrium by specialists from the Radio Diagnostic Service manages this process requires monitoring radiophysicians whose work is that of the radiation protection and the calculation of the dosage should receive Before administration radiometabolic treatment, an estimate of the dose.Voted Supplemental Appropriations Bill Add other budget messages, of the Senate on Thursday 94-1, a’placeholder ‘additional appropriations bill for military operations within Iraq and Afghanistan, ‘the way for the Conciliation Committee for paving to wrap approve until next week, ‘CongressDaily reviews (trimmer / Kivlan, CongressDaily.