Our expertisety of viral strains from birds and mammals in China.

Janies, Wheeler and colleagues tested Supramap ability by entering genetic and geographic data of recent isolates of avian flu . Our expertisety of viral strains from birds and mammals in China, Russia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe are represented as they spread westward over four years. The evolutionary tree, to 239 sequences of a specific gene, polymerase basic 2 is based, that host shifts a specific mutation a specific mutation , the avian viruses to adapt to mammalian hosts.

The resulting structure is then projected onto the sphere through Supramap and Google Earth Google Earth. Each branch in the evolutionary tree geo located and provided with a time stamp. Pop-up windows and color of branches show how pathogen strains mutate over space and time and infect new hosts.. Operation on parallel programming for high-performance computing systems at Ohio State University and the Ohio Supercomputer Center, Supramap progress the use of genetic information in studying infectious outbreaks one step further. This application integrates genetic sequences of pathogens with geographic information so that researchers track the spread of disease among different hosts and follow the emergence of key mutations across time and space.Miller and his team uses a new type luminescent molecule for labeling, make it possible to maintain the same information with using less pictures. This simplifies the analysts and enables is five times faster data acquisition. Photos exhibit a 50 – fold improvement in the sensitivity.