The review comes at a time when the government has recently committed 170 million over three years.

‘We know that if we run that you can either win or lose. ‘ – ‘It is not a decompression in a bad sense, but a change in lifestyle – and a very welcome one,’he said. ‘I was[ relieved] to be. Out of the limelight ‘ – ‘The dominant feeling is a great sense of relief that the 18 – hour day and the 24/7 weeks Month after month, have come to an end, ‘Hart told ABCNews. ‘It is much more difficult physical and mental investment than most people think – it’s very, very hard work. ‘ ‘For six or eight months, I’d never drive a car because of the secret service protection, and always behind the wheel was a bit of a shock,’Hart said of his post – election life. ‘They do not have people standing at the door every night or open the car door for you or go through crowds with you..

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