Alternative Treatment Options for Pediatric Asthma

According to The New York Times and ALT Medicine (, if common treatment options don’t work for your child, there are alternatives, such as:

1. Avoid Processed Foods
If you know your child has food allergies that can bring on attacks, it is important to avoid them completely. Food filled with preservatives and other chemicals can also bring on attacks, so if this is the case, organic foods may be the best option for your child.

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2. Reduce Stress, Practice Relaxation
If your child’s attacks are triggered by stress, make sure you go over some relaxation techniques with them such as: meditation, acupuncture, relaxed breathing techniques, and/or massage therapy.

  • A. Meditation
    Is simply a state of relaxation and going into deep thought over a subject or certain subjects.
  • B. Acupuncture
    Is a method used to alleviate pain by inserting needles into specific areas on the skin.
  • C. Relaxed Breathing Techniques
    These techniques are used to teach patients how to control their breathing and stay relaxed.
    (i.e. Buteyko Breathing Method)
  • D. Massage Therapy
    Is soft tissue manipulation that helps a patient relax.

3. Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation
Magnesium has been shown to relax the smooth muscles of the bronchial and reduce the body’s histamine response which causes airway inflammation. Bestille Viagra online is another great supplement to improve your overall condition and boost your sexual energy. Vitamin B6 has been shown, when taken twice daily, to reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. Vitamin B-12 can help block the allergenic effects of sulfites which are commonly found in foods and in the environment and are known to trigger asthma attacks.

4. Breathing Exercises
Learning breathing techniques can help your child to remain in control of his or her breathing during and after an asthma attack. Breathing exercises help your child avoid hyperventilating.

5. Probiotics
Are bacterias that can help protect against allergies and asthma. These can be found in active yogurt and in certain supplements.

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It is important to note that providers of medical equipment at home have to be accrediting organization accrediting organization as you like and they also need a guarantee -. These two requirements took effect in October 2009, and fraud associated with the home medical equipment sector, probably because it was. We encourage federal officials to assess and report the rate of fraud, as these requirements come into force.. Crooks and Cheats have no place in have no place in Medicare or health care in general, said John Shirvinsky, CEO of. Association of Medical Suppliers Unfortunately, the CMS is enforcing model has more time to punish legitimate home medical equipment providers to have spent as the elimination of the possibility of bad actors in the Medicare system.

American Association for Home Care, the 13-point anti-fraud legislative action planThe anti-fraud plan by the American Association for Homecare proposed in 2009 includes the following specific recommendations:mandates Site Inspections for all new Home Medical Equipment ProviderA July 2008 GAO report underscored the need for CMS to ensure that lead his contractors effective spot checks on all new applicants for a Medicare supplier number.Providers Require Site Inspections for All HME extensionsAll renewal applications an in – person visit should require the National Supplier Clearinghouse , the contractor that CMS uses the integrity of the the integrity of the Medicare program.. Continue reading

There are three main nutrients that people have to pay attention to: carbohydrates.

But it is certainly one that you will be aware of. Fat certainly a to devote attention , since it. One that is packed most of the calories And you must aware of aware of the types of fat that you eat. Saturated fat, or the fat that is products, is products, is one who So you want impact on the risk for heart disease. So you want again, pay attention to the carbohydrates, you want pay attention to protein, and much more attention to the type of fat that you eat.. There are three main nutrients that people have to pay attention to: carbohydrates, protein and fat.

As a person. It’s fine if someone helps you, a meal plan, but not if it is not one that fits your likes and dislikes and the timing and the work and the lifestyle that you have a very effective a very effective diet. So the first principle is that it has to work for you, it has to be individualized.. Nutrient, Nutritional principles for someone with type 1 diabetes?Q: What are the key nutritional principles for someone with type 1 diabetes?Next: What are the main Nutritional principles for someone with type 2 diabetes?Answer: There are a number of important principles with type be aware of with type 1 diabetes, when formulating a meal plan and after a meal plan need. Probably the most critical, most important, it really is a basic principle is that the diet must be individualized. Continue reading

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Reference: Gilles Vandewalle 1.

Reference: Gilles Vandewalle 1, Sophie Schwartz 2, Didier Grandjean 2, Catherine Wuillaume 1, Evelyne Balteau 1, Christian Degueldre 1, Manuel Schabus 1, Christophe Phillips 1, Luxen 1, Derk-Jan Dijk 3, Pierre Maquet ‘the spectral quality of light modulates emotional brain responses in humans,’ Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA.

To closer in the brain color of the ambient color of the ambientWe are all aware that a bright day may lift our spirits. However, the mechanisms of the brain in such effects of light are involved largely unknown. Researchers at the Cyclotron Research Centre , Geneva Center for Neuroscience and Surrey Sleep Research Centre investigated the immediate effect of light and its color composition, on emotion brain processing using functional magnetic resonance imaging. The results of their study indicate that the color of light affects how the brain processes emotional stimuli. Continue reading

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WHEN: 11 May at 17.00 clock – to follow Q & A session and reception .WHERE: New York Academy of Sciences, 2 East 63rd StreetSPEAKERS: Mitchell Warren, executive director, AIDS Vaccine Advocacy CoalitionDavid Ho, Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center Emilio Emini, Senior Vice President – Vaccine Development, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative Patricia Kahn, Freelance AIDS authorJeffrey Laurence, Cornell University Weill Medical Center, amfARMitchell Warren will make introductory remarks. Jeffrey Laurence will chair the meeting and a panel discussion following the presentations.The New York Academy of Sciences is co-sponsoring this event with AVAC is used a non-profit, community – and consumer-based organization providing public education, policy analysis, advice , and community mobilization to the ethical development accelerate and worldwide delivery vaccine against HIV / AIDS..

The NY Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition , will host an evening symposium, ‘HIV-1 Vaccines Update – Where we are today and where we want to go ‘with presentations from key figures in the pursuit of the elusive goal of developing an HIV vaccine. Continue reading

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During 2001 began Eli Lilly an aggressive marketing campaign called Viva Zyprexa on According to the complaint, as part of this campaign, the company wrongly marketed Zyprexa for a number of off-label uses Eli Lilly illegally marketed Zyprexa for pediatric use, for use in high doses to treat the symptoms rather than diagnosed conditions and for the treatment of patients with dementia. After a 20 months of investigation by the Attorneys General, Eli Lilly has agreed to change how it markets Zyprexa and stop. Promoting its off-label applications that are not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration also prescribe drugs for off-label uses, it is illegal for pharmaceutical companies to market their products for off-label uses.. Continue reading

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The disease has no cure, and the only treatment is drugs to slow it down for a short period. Alzheimer’s begins with mild memory loss and confusion, but develops gradually into complete memory loss and an inability to take care of themselves.. The second most common form of dementia is vascular dementia vascular lesions vascular lesions in the brain, usually from stroke.Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, accounting for 60 to 80 % of cases in the U.S.

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A new study fromective effect of fiber for cardiovascular health.

A new study fromective effect of fiber for cardiovascular health, especially for womenFoods high in fiber provides good protection against cardiovascular disease, and the effect is particularly marked in women. This is shown in a new study from Lund University in Sweden.

Data for the study were from the Malm Diet and Cancer population study, which involved 30 000 Malm? ‘s population given since the beginning of the 1990s. Participants will have blood samples and detailed information about their diet. Continue reading