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Integrative Nutrition
for Health, Balance and Vitality


Nourishing You.

Reducing Stress.

Living in Balance.

How we live, eat and take care of ourselves is a process unique to each of us.

What we eat everyday matters a lot. And if you’re out there looking for genuine guidance, you may have noticed that the world of nutrition is more confusing than ever. From low-carb to high-protein to no-fat diets, from macrobiotics to veganism to raw foods — there’s so much conflicting information, so much “scientific evidence” and “expert advice” about how to eat for proper weight and good health.

And… just as diet impacts our health and sense of balance, so does the way we handle stress, the quality of our work life and relationships, physical activity, fun quota, and other primary parts of life.

How can you sort through this vast array of dietary information to explore what’s truly right for you? How can you get into balance?

The Awakened Palate’s services are designed to help you do just that… to educate, inspire, empower and support you in listening to your body’s unique needs and to your heart’s desires.


Nutrition & Lifestyle Choices

for Healthy Bones

A Tele-Course designed to give you the information, inspiration

& confidence you need to create a bone-healthy way of life!