Crooks and Cheats have no place in have no place in Medicare or health care in general.

It is important to note that providers of medical equipment at home have to be accrediting organization accrediting organization as you like and they also need a guarantee -. These two requirements took effect in October 2009, and fraud associated with the home medical equipment sector, probably because it was. We encourage federal officials to assess and report the rate of fraud, as these requirements come into force.. Crooks and Cheats have no place in have no place in Medicare or health care in general, said John Shirvinsky, CEO of. Association of Medical Suppliers Unfortunately, the CMS is enforcing model has more time to punish legitimate home medical equipment providers to have spent as the elimination of the possibility of bad actors in the Medicare system.

American Association for Home Care, the 13-point anti-fraud legislative action planThe anti-fraud plan by the American Association for Homecare proposed in 2009 includes the following specific recommendations:mandates Site Inspections for all new Home Medical Equipment ProviderA July 2008 GAO report underscored the need for CMS to ensure that lead his contractors effective spot checks on all new applicants for a Medicare supplier number.Providers Require Site Inspections for All HME extensionsAll renewal applications an in – person visit should require the National Supplier Clearinghouse , the contractor that CMS uses the integrity of the the integrity of the Medicare program..Health system to convene federal and provincial plane Minister of the local consultations to public health goals to Canada.

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