On the corner of 6th and E Streets.

On the corner of 6th and E Streets, NW in Washington, near the MCI Center, daily from 10.00 daily from 10.00 to 06 except Tuesdays. Ticket prices are $ 5 for adults and $ 3 for seniors , active duty military and students . More information about the Marian Koshland Science Museum and its programs are available online at or by phone 800-KOS-HLAN.

16 November 2004.30 13.30 clock Lunch at the Koshland: Fall Lunch Discussion Series Discuss Results of a recent National Academies report on GM food Speaker: Lynn Goldman, Johns Hopkins University. Continue reading

884 authors postulate that .

22,884 authors postulate that ‘. The factors that prevent black women from receiving the same quality of care as white women by the complex treatment methods are increasingly used for more advanced breast cancer ‘ – Article: ‘Within – Stage Racial Differences in tumor size and number of positive lymph nodes in women with breast cancer, ‘Russell McBride, Dawn Hershman, Wei – Yann Tsai, Judith S. Jacobson, Victor Grann Alfred I. Published Online: August 13, 2007 ; Print Issue Date: September 15.. The study also found that the stage of disease at diagnosis increases increases increases in mortality between African-American and white women.

Adjusted for tumor size and lymph node status and other known factors such as age, African American women were still more likely die of their disease. The mortality rate among African American women was calculated to up to 56 % higher than whites to be. This study confirms ‘statistically significant differences within stage between black and white women in tumor size and lymph node involvement, however the authors conclude. ‘These differences are not clinically important in terms of survival, the standard AJCC stage categories. ‘. Continue reading

Their study was journal Vaccine journal Vaccine.

Their study was journal Vaccine journal Vaccine. Pylori is among numerous risk factors for gastric cancer. Over half the world’s population infected by the bacterium during their lives. In Canada, the problem is especially prevalent in Aboriginal communities. It can cause gastritis and ulcers. Most infections can be treated by antibiotics, of bacteria. A vaccine would improve current treatment, said Monteiro..

Although estimates on patient self report may overestimate actual screening rates, these results suggest that millions of women unnecessarily unnecessarily, and the amount of screening is still recommended by the Task Force, the authors add back. Basis.. After considering Pap smears recent recent hysterectomy and hysterectomies are spared the cervix or were preceded for cervical neoplasia performed estimate that approximately estimate that about 10 million women, or nearly half of all women who have undergone a hysterectomy unnecessarily unnecessarily, the authors report. Continue reading

About AstraZenecaAstraZeneca.

It is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies with sales of $ 23950000000 and leading positions in sales of gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, respiratory, neuroscience, oncology and infection products. In the United States, AstraZeneca is a $ 10770000000 healthcare business with more than 12,000 employees. AstraZeneca is listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as well as the FTSE4Good Index.. About AstraZenecaAstraZeneca, a major international healthcare company in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription pharmaceuticals and is employed in the health services.

– We are extremely pleased that the FDA has approved Symbicort in the United States, said David Brennan, Chief Executive Officer, AstraZeneca. Millions of Americans suffer from asthma and the availability of Symbicort offers them a new opportunity to better asthma control be achieved. .. Symbicort is a twice-daily asthma therapy combining budesonide, an inhaled corticosteroid, and formoterol, a rapid and long-acting beta-2-agonist in one inhaler. Symbicort is available in a pressurized inhaler , the most commonly used and prescribed delivery device in the U.S. Market. The United States is the first country where Symbicort will be available in this type of device. The FDA has approved two dose strengths for Symbicort, 5 and 160/4.5 mcg of budesonide and formoterol, respectively. Continue reading

The clot buster.

The clot buster, tissue plasminogen activator, which received Food and Drug Administration approval in 1996 as the first and only approved treatment for stroke must be given within three hours of symptom onset. – While we have a three-hour window, the evidence, if treat treat patients with tPA in under two hours or, even better two hour you can improve your results, says Dr. We actually have to look as if we have a two-hour clock windows now have. .

About 700 deaths per year hypothermia attributed solely results when the body, the internal temperature is below 9 F. Furthermore: – Exposed parts of the body can be used in extremely cold freezing – may worsen cold weather existing diseases such as rheumatism and arthritis. – Cold weather affects dexterity, mental skills, and coordination. Increase prolonged exposure even moderately cold weather can cause injury. Continue reading

A pattern of low vitamin B6 status also surfaced in menstruating women who used oral contraceptives.

Morris says, although these results somewhat surprising are the link between oral contraceptives and vitamin B6 deficiency remains unclear. The vitamin might elsewhere in the bodies of in the bodies of the oral contraceptive users, or in a different form, since our study only examined plasma PLP. Morris says this could mean that the oral contraceptive pill acts on vitamin B6 status that is masked during use by acute effects of exposure.. A pattern of low vitamin B6 status also surfaced in menstruating women who used oral contraceptives, but who were to them to them at the time of of the NHANES study vitamin Among women in this sub-group that does not have to.

‘.. According to the National Institutes of Health , vitamin B6 deficiency in the United States in the United States, but it may be a form of anemia similar to iron deficiency anemia. Vitamin B6 is widely distributed in the American diet, and baked potatoes, bananas, 100 % fortified cereals and chicken are particularly good sources. Morris says, raises ‘the question of our study, whether due to aging, genetics, or exposures, , famine, poverty population subgroups supplemented you need to reach the current biochemical definition of adequate status. Continue reading

In the blood thatrelationship between asthma and allergy?

In the blood thatrelationship between asthma and allergy?So there are many indications that people who have allergies more likely to develop asthma. And this is usually the sequence of events with early signs of allergy than asthma. However, there are people with asthma who do not have any allergies, and it is an important subgroup that we must remember.

Held in seven cities, including Las Vegas, more than 400 riders on the streets to raise an expected $ 450,000 for the March of Dimes. The Nevada trip around 8:00 at 8:00 o `clock at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday, December. Continue reading

Is scheduled for Wednesday evening.

Members of the public are invited to come and participate in the interactive performance: the spread of superbugs, is scheduled for Wednesday evening. Under the guidance of a professional jury, the audience is be asked to shoes shoes of the hospital decision makers and respond to questions, the answers are not so clear.

With New Year’s resolutions in mind for many people across the country, there is no time like the present to join the 46 million Americans who have already become quitters. The American Lung Association’s gold standard Freedom From Smoking? Online program provides a free, 24-hour, 7 days a week support for smokers who want to quit. More than 100,000 members with qualified mentors support each other via message boards and e-newsletters make it easier than ever the first the first step towards smoking. Smoking, the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, claiming the lives of over 440,000 Americans each year and is the leading cause of lung cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease .. Continue reading

When the charge is applied.

Even if the fingerprint has been washed off it leaves a slight corrosion of the metal and which draws the powder, when the charge is applied, it shows a residual fingerprint. Technique works on technique works on everything from bullet casings guns machine guns to even if heat vaporizes its normal indications, police are able who handled a particular gun .

‘first time, we can from people who from people who handled a cartridge before it was fired. Wipe, wash in hot soapy water makes no difference – and the heat of the shot helps the process we use. Continue reading

An FDA advisory committee discussed the issue at a meeting in June 2009.

An FDA advisory committee discussed the issue at a meeting in June 2009, and recommended strengthening the warning about severe liver injury on the drug labels of prescription products containing acetaminophen.

Cohen says in Washington, difficult to re-deploy troops if they are medically evacuated, for both logistical and psychological reasons. Soldiers who remain with their units want to build on of the strong relationships with these entities remain. Weaken these bonds when military personnel are stateside with their families , which theses soldiers even less amenable to return to the field, he says. Continue reading